Occasionally, you find really good products that give excellent support for cars. The Actron CP9125 code scanner is one of those. Its price is higher than other models and brands, so compare it first with others that are priced lower to see if it deserves the additional cost. Use the information below and utilize the table of contents to skip threw something that interests you.

Unit Size & Display

This scanning device’s length is longer, with 3 or 4 inches more than the length of its competitors within the same price range. For its sides, it measures 10.3, 6.3 and 2.3 inches. Overall, it looks it will fit nicely in your grip, assuming you are an average-sized person.

There’s nothing much about the display except that the characters on the screen are big and can be easily read. Overall appearance including the screen can be aptly described as straightforward.

At a quick glance, it looks very easy to operate. There are two big buttons on the lower side of the screen. There is nothing more on the face except these three prominent features.


Vehicle Compatibility

The CP9125 is compatible with vehicles made from 1996 onwards. One product description said it works with computers of vehicles manufactured in 1996 and in newer vehicles and light trucks. This is applicable with all the scanners that Actron has released.

Additionally, Actron scanners determine and show the emission status of a vehicle. That’s an extra benefit that can have a positive impact on your next vehicle registration renewal. You can cut time in the registration and possibly reduce expense.

More Features and Benefits

Check the features first and then make an apple-to-apple with the other models of Actron. Check also for how different models (and brands) can be of help to you. Sometimes, the dealer would suggest cleaning the throttle or a tune-up, when in fact neither of them is the solution. Consider those possibilities for your vehicle/s. Here are the features for this model.


  • It reads and erases all diagnostic trouble codes and shows the number of codes that have already been detected.
  • The device benefits most people who have multiple cars. All car models made from 1996 and all CAN and OBD2 vehicles (whether manufactured domestically or from abroad) are compatible with this device.
  • It displays the MIL status of the vehicle. If the light indicator for MIL comes on, it means you need to check the emission system of your car.
  • A special feature is it allows users to access an online service for further information on diagnosis and repair.
  • The product comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • It is very to use. Beginner users will find no trouble going through the menu and reading the codes. They can also access a site where they can get additional troubleshooting information on codes that they might have difficulty understanding. If you are a bit older and have difficulty reading, you’ll be thanking of the big characters it displays on the screen.
  • There’s a manual that comes with it, but not all codes are written there. This device can detect those unwritten codes. It means that there’ll be no escaping for any errors to occur without getting detected.
  • It helps you to be always prepared for inspection or registration with the authorities. This device will tell you of your MIL and I/M status. These are just two parameters. It can also give you the status A/F sensor, EVAP and so on. All in all, it can give you 7 reports, helping you to know if you are ready. Remember, if you fail in at least three of these parameters, you may be slapped with a penalty, or worse, have your registration cancelled.



This is a non-Bluetooth device. Check your OBD2 link. That’s where this device should be connected to start operating it.


What Consumers Say

Consumers are ecstatic reporting how good this scanner is, with some of them even claiming that it’s the best tool there is if one would like to get the check-engine-light warning off the dashboard permanently.

Many customers think that it has saved them hundreds of dollars in trips to the shop. What’s annoying for some is that their shop can’t correctly detect the problem all the time, making them often waste their money for parts that are not necessarily needed. This scanner gave them a one-time diagnosis and a one-time fixing of the problem.

One buyer praises this scanner on quality, ease of use, price and “peace of mind”. The first time he used it, it gave him the code that would consequently end all his troubles with his car. Now he knows he’s not going to be in a panic whenever the “light” suddenly comes on again.


Pros and Cons

For all the good things said about this scanner and all the positive reviews it’s getting, take note also of the limits that it has.


  • It’s easy to use, so it’s perfect for all novice and moderately-experienced DIY mechanics. The codes are easy to read because of the wide screen and the large characters on the codes.
  • Remember that it is up gradable. It means you can use it for car models which will be released in the future.
  • Take note of the limited warranty. Other units don’t have this advantage.


  • Even with the additional codes it can read that are not written on the guide book, the scanner is lacking in reading codes. Check out its ability on the power train codes, if you need a better reading ability.
  • The cord it comes with and links with the OBD2 system might be too short for you.


The Actron CP9125 is one of the highest-rated models for car scanners. Functionality and readability are excellent, except if a more advanced ability to read codes is needed by a buyer. But for people who are just targeting the usual or common problems with their car so that they will not have to go their shop all the time, this is the perfect tool. It works with all models from 1996, so this is a one-scanner match for multiple-car owners.

Overall, this is a one great piece of car tool from Actron. Remember to check the other models from the company.