There are two forms of hand tool collections you can obtain. One can be prearranged or you can build up your own. Building your own hand tool collection is usually better than obtaining a prearranged set. You can assess the quality of each tool and determine whether it’s best to own for your particular projects.


Craftsman is an established supplier of different hand tools to help you build projects or do repairs. If you decide to build your own hand tool collection it’s suggested you consider Craftsman’s products.


This review takes a look into the five best Craftsman hand tools. These tools are the most often used and they’re great to start building your collection.

Top 5 Best Craftsman Hand Tools Reviewed





Craftsman Evolv 5 Piece Pliers Set 9-10047


4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set, 17 Piece


4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Craftsman 9-47136 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set, 8 Piece


4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)
Craftsman Evolv 3 pc. Adjustable Wrench Set with Ergonomic grips handles


4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)
Craftsman 9-44664 Adjustable Wrench Set, 3 Piece


4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Craftsman Evolv 5 Piece Pliers Set

Consumer Ratings 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

The five piece set is useful since it allows you many functions such as to bend, cut and squeeze wires.


All the pliers have an ergonomic feel to them. Your hands rest comfortably when you work with the pliers. If you work with a dense material your hands won’t get sore or uncomfortable because you won’t have to apply excessive pressure to the pliers.


The pliers are made from rust resistant and durable metals that are in line with Craftsman quality standards.


The pliers set consists of:

  • 6’’ diagonal pliers
  • 6’’ long pliers
  • 7’’ lineman pliers
  • 6’’ slip joint pliers
  • 8’’ groove joint pliers



  • They’re extremely comfortable to hold
  • It’s useful to manipulate and cut wires
  • Strong build
  • It’s practical for simple jobs



  • They’re too short to have proper grip on the material. They can’t cut anything tougher than soft rod buster material well.
  • The pliers can rust easily.
  • The pliers are smaller than the pictures advertised which results in you having a weaker grip.
  • They dull quickly through continuous use.


What Consumers Say about the Craftsman Evolv 5pc Pliers Set

  • My husband uses these everyday! They have a very comfortable grip, and being craftsman, they’re very trust worthy. He’s had them for a while now and has had to replace other tools, but these have stood up to him. They really stand the strands of time and the HVAC business.
  • These are fantastic! Very durable and they work great! The price is great and sometimes you can even find them for less. They have already fulfilled many needs for me and my customers, dozens of whom have received this set from me! They come in handy for a myriad of uses and make a great, yet inexpensive gift!
  • Looks like the quality you would expect from craftsman. My only complaint is that they are a little short to get much leverage.
  • They’re bulkier than i was expecting. this will make a nice addition to my toolbox and sufficient for household use. if i were using them everyday for work or hobby, i might think they are too bulky with the thick, comfortable rubber grip.
  • Can not go wrong with Craftsman tools. Would have been a 5 star if the grip color was different and it came with a self adjusting gripper tool that they also sell. Should swap out the wire cutters for that option. Duplication of tools vs. better option. Good tools for a fair price and lifetime warranty.



Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set

Consumer Ratings 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

This hand toolkit is worthwhile to add to your tool collection. The 16 screwdrivers make it easy for you to complete all DIY projects.


Each screwdriver has a professional look and feel. They’re durable and the handles are designed to withstand any pressure they face. The screwdrivers are made to feel comfortable in your hands without you losing your grip.


The screwdrivers include:

  • Nine slotted screwdrivers in sizes 3/32″ x 1 1/2″, 1/8″ x 2″, 1/8″ x 4″, 3/16″ x 1 1/2″, 3/16″ x 4″, 3/16″ x 6″, 3/16″ x 9″, 1/4″ x 4″, 1/4″ x 6″
  • Seven Philips screw drivers
  • Four in one pocket chain



  • The screwdrivers’ tips grip well on most bolts you want to tighten or loosen
  • The different sizes make it easier for you to work with small and large mechanics
  • You can fix any screws with any one of the screwdrivers
  • They’re light weight and comfortable screwdrivers



  • The tips fall or break off easily
  • The handles are not durable
  • The build of the driver onto the handle isn’t centered which contributes to poor work quality
  • The driver can bend easily


What Consumers Say about the Craftsman 9-31794 17pc Screwdriver Set

  • This is a handy, complete, and sturdy set of slotted and Phillips screwdrivers with sizes to fit most common needs, and then some. They are color coded as either blue or red so that you can easily see which you are grabbing. The metal tips have held up well for the time that we have used them while building a new apartment on a farm property we own.
  • We are “do-it-yourself” carpenters and also maintain and service a lot of equipment. It seemed that often the tool we needed would be at another location when we needed it, but this set will help resolve that dilemma. I feel safe in saying that they will last us as long as we need them for our home and business.
  • Same quality that I’m used to from Craftsman!! Will last a lifetime unless you lose them.
  • These are great tools and they don’t tend to break, but if they do Craftsman will replace them for you! Other than that, it’s a great price for a brand name product.
  • you cant beat the price. if you want screwdrivers that are going to take abuse on a daily basis look for another brand. but these are great for the homeowner to have in every location in the house when needed.


Craftsman 9-47136 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set

Consumer Ratings 4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

This eight piece set is appropriate to keep in your home if you need simple screwdrivers for small tasks such as to open and close cases.


The handles and screws are available in different sizes. The design entails:

  • An advance plating process which enhances the corrosion resistant properties
  • The blade tips are precision ground to form an accurate and tight fit with screws
  • Color coded handles which are comfortable to hold
  • The handles are also made to be slip resistant


The eight piece set consists of:

  • Four slotted screwdrivers: 1/8″ x 2″,1/8” x 4”, 3/16” x 6”,1/4” x 4
  • Four Philip screwdrivers: #0 x 2 1/2″, #1 x 3″, #2 x 4″, #2 x 6″



  • There is a consistently high quality element presented in all the drivers
  • The versatile range of the flatheads and Philip screwdrivers make it easier to work on projects & parts which need them
  • The plastic handle is strong so that you can hit it with a hammer or chisel
  • They have lifetime warranties



  • The smaller size can be too difficult to hold
  • Smaller screws can be uncomfortable to hold
  • The tip can get blunt fast so it doesn’t grip onto the screws tightly
  • The edge of the plastic handle can break off from the driver


What Consumers Say about the Craftsman 9-47136 8pc Screwdriver Set

  • These are the best screw drivers I have ever used, the plastic handle is kind of soft but tough, highly recommend!
  • Nice starter set of screwdrivers for the average household. Comes with a few size philips and common heads. I decided to buy Craftsman since they are always high quality and stand behind their products.
  • I love these tools they helped me out a on and been there when I needed them I never say that I wasted my money on them. My grandpa used nothing but Craftsmen to
  • These are by far the best screwdrivers I’ve owned. I love that there is a variety of both types, I can now keep screwdrivers in my kitchen junk drawer and in the basement, no more running up and down looking for what I need. Great quality.
  • They are craftsman what else can i say.. the warranty alone makes them worth it.. I only use 3 on a daily basis but they are all well made.. they get the job done.. and if the tips wear out bring them to a sears and just replace it.


Craftsman Evolv 3 pc. Adjustable Wrench Set

Consumer Ratings 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

You can never predict where you may need a wrench. A three piece set helps you in most situations. This set is valuable to add to your collection.


The three sizes are 6’’, 8’’ and 10’’. There is a consistent design used in all wrenches:

  • They all have ergonomic grip handles to make tough and long jobs comfortable.
  • The wrenches are made with durable and rust resistant construction materials which make them useful in the long term.
  • The knurls are easy to turn. They adjust to fit exactly where you want them too.



  • The knurls hold their positions so you hardly need to readjust them
  • The sizes are ideal to work on an array of pipes and other objects which need to be turned
  • The knurls adjust in smooth motions to make them spin rapidly
  • The rubber handles make it easier for you to have a firm grip when your hands are wet or greasy



  • It takes a while to turn the knurls until the wrench is fitted and secured
  • The finish contains chemicals that can be harmful
  • The handles slip off easily
  • The wrenches have a bulky feel


What Consumers Say about the Craftsman Evolv 3pc Adjustable Wrench Set

  • Nice set and great quality. Jaws hold their position and don’t need constant readjustment and the cushioned handles are nice and fit the hand nicely.
  • They’re
    bulkier than i was expecting. this will make a nice addition to my toolbox and sufficient for household use. if i were using them everyday for work or hobby, i might think they are too bulky with the thick, comfortable rubber grip.
  • I love all Craftsman tools, these I guess are the new Yuppie style with the soft rubber handles that are very nice. I would definitely recommend them to everyone. You will not be sorry that you bought them.
  • These are the perfect set for anyone using these around the house or for DIY mechanics.


Craftsman 9-44664 Adjustable Wrench Set

Consumer Ratings4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Wrenches are one of the main hand tools you need to have either in your home or workspace. These wrenches also have the same quality you’d expect from Craftsman.


The set consists of 6’’, 8’’ and 10’’ adjustable wrenches. Other characteristics of this set include:

  • Tampered heads designed to help you move around, under or inside tight spots
  • Constructed from alloy steel
  • The wrenches are made with materials that are wear and tear, abrasion & rust resistant
  • Each wrench has a coating finish to make it durable and outperform other wrenches
  • They all have lifetime warrantees



  • Most of the time the wrenches don’t slip from their position
  • The strong build makes them durable for tough jobs
  • There is a hole in each wrench to allow you to hang them for better organization
  • The adjustable knurls are smooth and quick to secure the wrench in place



  • They don’t hold their positions under a lot of pressure
  • The bottom jaw of the wrench wiggles which can lead to the wrench having a weak grip
  • There is no handle to bring comfort when you use the wrench
  • You can’t work well with these wrenches if your hands are greasy because there is no additional handle


What Consumers Say about the Craftsman 9-44664 Adjustable 3pc Wrench Set

  • I can’t say how these wrenches compares to the evolv series or other tools made over seas but they feel like pretty solid adjustable wrenches, I’m sure if you bought snap on or S&K adjustable wrenches they’re higher quality but for most people these are fine. I’d pay a little more to get a tool made in the USA.
  • Precise, smooth, and do not slip from their set position during use. Worth the slight premium over inferior wrenches that will slip and lock up. Once you’ve tried both, it’s an easy decision.
  • Nice set of MADE IN USA wrenches. Disappointed that Craftsman makes so many of its tools in China now. These are made in USA and are just what you’d expect of an Old School Craftsman wrench set.
  • They seem sturdy and are craftsmen USA brand so I’m assuming they will hold up. But I still expected the heft of quality and these felt light in the package. Couldn’t believe it was 3 crescent wrenches inside….
  • After 30+ years I finally manged to loose 2/3 of these ( I think I had help in he loss ). So it was time to replace them. Typical Craftsman quality ( you aren’t going to break it easily ). I carry one of these and a screwdriver in a small bag in my truck. You would be amazed at what you can fix with those 2 tools.


Hand Tools Buying Guide

This buying guide provides an insight into all the tools you need for a proper collection. Some of these tools have been reviewed but it’s wise to gain more knowledge about the purpose of each type so you only purchase what you really need.


A Hammer

A hammer is practical to have in your collection. They can either be used in isolation or with other tools. Hammers are useful for stubborn situations such as banging against a wire to make it straight if pliers are ineffective.


There are various types of hammers to have because. Each is practical because of their unique functionalities:

  • Nail hammers: The two prong claws help you to easily pull up nails or pry up wood and other debris.
  • Finishing hammers: They drive small nails into moldings. They’re lightweight, easy to control and don’t cause damage to the surface where the nail is being inserted into.
  • Ball preen hammers: The ball on the one end is used to shape round surfaces while the flat peen on the other end is used to pound metals.
  • Sledgehammers: It’s primarily used for demolition.
  • Rubber hammers: Also called mallets which are used to apply force to delicate surfaces you don’t want to dent or damage.
  • Dead blow hammers: These hammers are made with loose sand, lead shot or steel shot and they don’t create any dents when in use.


Clamps and Vises


Clamps are portable and they hold objects in place or together:

  • C Clamps: They have a C shape frame and screw handle to tighten the workpiece in place
  • Bar Clamps: They feature long bars with adjustable clamps to cinch left or right to secure any size objects
  • Hand Screw Clamps: They’re mostly used to secure plastic, wood and fabrics
  • Spring Clamps: They’re used to hold lightweight objects together or onto a workbench



The list below gives a description of the five main wrench types. Depending on the set you’re purchasing any one or more of these will be included. There are more types for professionals however those are normally sold and bought alone:

  • Crescent wrenches: They feature an open end and have two gripping surfaces. They’re used for tight spaces to move fasteners.
  • Box end wrenches: They feature an enclosed opening to grip onto a bolt or nut to tighten or loosen it.
  • Combo wrenches: these have wrench ends which are equal in size. The one side is a crescent wrench while the other is box end.
  • Adjustable wrenches: This has a similar design to a crescent wrench but with a larger head to accommodate the adjustment mechanism. These can be used to disassemble pipes.
  • Line wrenches: These wrenches help prevent the faster securing tube from becoming rounded off.



Ratchets are alternatives to wrenches. They work in a continuous linear or rotary motion in one direction while preventing motion in another. They work just as well and are versatile in their applications.


Ratchets are sometimes better than wrenches because of the following characteristics:

  • They can be fitted with multiple nuts or bolts of various sizes
  • They can tighten and loosen easier & faster than a wrench with little movement required.
  • They’re practical to use if the fastener head is hard to locate or in an awkward position.



A set of pliers has different types. It’s useful to know what each of them does:

  • Slip joint pliers: They have adjustable square jaws for grabbing different sized objects.
  • Needle nose pliers: These pliers have long tapered noses for clamping in tight spaces. They either have a straight jaw or can be a curved for complex angles.
  • Locking pliers: They can be locked around objects and function as wrenches. They feature adjustable spring mechanisms in the handles to allow them to be easily adjusted for different sized objects.



Screwdrivers are the tools most used. Almost any DIY job or even electrical casings require a screwdriver:

  • Assembling an item
  • Open a case
  • Change a fixture

But to do these jobs well you need a versatile range of screwdrivers.


There are five common screw driver types. These types are commonly used because they match the screws most needed for projects:

  • Slot head: One horizontal line runs across the tip.
  • Philips head: Features two lines. One runs vertically and the other horizontally. The two lines join in the middle.
  • Allen wrench: This consist of a pentagon shape.
  • Torx Drive: It features a star shape.
  • Robertson: This shape is square.



Now you know enough so you can build your hand tool collection. Begin with Craftsman tools so you’re sure of quality tools to last you a lifetime. Quality is essential to you and that’s what’s important to Craftsman too. Build your collection so you can enjoy all the DIY projects you dream of.