The Craftsman Universal mechanics tool set contains high quality 56 tools ergonomically designed to help you get your work done efficiently. Whether you are a professional mechanic or someone with a knack for quality tools, this one fits the bill perfectly. From tightening and replacing the bolts in a vehicle to fixing your old furniture, this tool set comes handy.

The 56 quality tools are neatly organized in a signature Craftsman tool box. The case is sturdy and durable, yet lightweight so you can easily carry it around with you to different job sites. We love the red color of the case which adds some style to it. You are sure to get compliments for this product.

The stylish and sturdy red tool box contains high quality tools with visible markings. The tool set includes both metric units and US customary units. Inside the kit you will find 9 metric sockets, 9 customary sockets, 7 metric wrenches, 7 customary wrenches, 10 screwdriver bits, 11 customary measure hex keys and a magnetic screwdriver socket.

The product comes with Craftsman lifetime warranty which is active from the date of sale, and the company will take care of any defects in the product and replace the damaged tools free of cost. You must have a proof of sale in order to get your damaged tool replaced.

The tools are protected with black oxide which gives better grip for the users. The Chrome plating enhances the overall appearance of the tools.

The quick-release ratchets are just what you need to change the sockets with ease. It comes with 45 durable teeth for fluidity and cranking, while the ratchet turns on 8 degrees. This enables you to work in the most difficult situations comfortably.  The combination wrenches with 15-degree offset provides additional torque with each turn.


  • The feature-rich 56 mechanics tools come in a sturdy red case
  • The tools are black oxide protected which means you get a good gripping ability
  • Tools are designed thoughtfully for long lasting performance
  • It comes with quick-release ratchet that allows you to change sockets easily and quickly
  • The lifetime warranty of the product makes it a reliable buy


The hollow center of the sockets makes them deep and standard size. The labeling of the sockets has also been done nicely to help you identify the tools with ease.

The black color of the tools makes them one of a kind, and you will be able to easily identify your set of tools from others in a workshop or job site.

We liked the extensive range of the sockets in this tool box. You get 4mm to 25mm deep and shallow tools inside one box. As a professional mechanic, you will highly appreciate the quality and range of the sockets.

At the time of review, the price of Craftsman 56-piece Universal Mechanics Tool Set was $86.84 on Amazon, which we consider a decent price for the quality they offer.

The tools are designed for long lasting performance so if you are looking for heavy duty tools for home and professional use then this makes a good choice.

The tools come in a good-looking and durable case that holds the tools together in a compact manner. When you open the box, the tools will not fly all over the place.

The lifetime warranty of this Craftsman tools set ensures that any damage or breakage is totally taken care of by the company.


Some customers have complained that they had a hard time using the large sockets as they would simply not go over the bolts. This is a design flaw in this set of tools that Craftsman needs to look into.

The chrome plating on the tools gives them a good appearance, but it is worth noting that it does not prevent the tools from rusting. So, these tools may be prone to getting rust if exposed to moisture.


Overall, the Craftsman 56-piece Universal Mechanics Tool Set is a good choice for professional mechanics and novices. It contains all the important tools that you could possibly need for a home improvement project or auto repair work in the garage. This sturdy and portable set can be easily stored in your vehicle to ensure that you have a handy tool set accessible whenever required.

All the tools are clearly marked to make them easy to identify. They are organized neatly in a sturdy red tool box, which makes this product an ideal gift for your Dad, brother or any male friend.

The tools in this set come with some design flaws that need rectification. The good thing is that the product comes with lifetime warranty so if you find any defective piece in the set, you can talk to the customer service and get the tool replaced.