Owning a car is just about a necessity, and there comes a point when that car needs to go for servicing and regular maintenance. Failure to take it for regular maintenance could decrease its lifespan and even lead to problems, such as accidents.

When taking your vehicle for maintenance, you should make sure that you take it to a credible garage, or to a mechanic whose work you can trust. The maintenance covers every aspect of the car from oil changes to replacing of worn parts.

You could also do the maintenance yourself if you have knowledge of auto mechanics. This would save you the service fee that is charged by garages. In order to get the maintenance done correctly, it is important that you have the right tools to get the job done.

The right tools ensure that the work is done efficiently and fast. The best thing is that for most car makes, there are common tools that can be used. In some cars, there are parts that require customized tools made by the manufacturers. In such cases, you would want to check with the car dealership if they have the tools.

What are the tools needed to work on cars? The answer to this question can be very broad, because there are very many tools that can be used to work on vehicles. We could go through all of them, but in this article, we’re just going to run through some of the most common tools. These are tools that can be used on most car makes since the measurements of things such as bolts are common.


Wenches are an important part of a mechanic’s life. They are used to tighten and loosen bolts and nuts on the car. These bolts and nuts can be found on the tires and under the hood. Other parts that could contain them include doors and joints. Wrenches come in varying sizes depending on the use, and they are made for both metric and standard measurements.


Screwdrivers, just like other tools, also come in varying sizes depending on what or where you intend to use them. They also come with both standard and star peaks of varying sizes. There are a number of types of screwdrivers, and we are just going to name a few here:

  • Stubbed screwdrivers
  • Normal length screwdrivers
  • Long and skinny screwdrivers
  • Heavy duty screwdrivers
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Torx screwdriver


Pliers are important tools for gripping parts and even cutting. Their serrated bellies are good for gripping, while others have sharp bellies that can cut things like wires. There are a number of types of screwdrivers, and we are going to mention some of them below:

  • Regular pliers
  • Vise grips
  • Long- and short-needle nose


This is a tool that is used to measure amperage, resistance, and voltage, as well as other electrical currents. This is a very important device to have in the tool kit because it will help in repairing the electrics of the car. Older and lower-end models did not measure amperage, so make sure that the one you get will measure it.

Extension bars

There are instances where the bolts and nuts are not within reach. This could be a part that is deep in the engine. The variety of extension bars that are available will take the stress out of opening the bolts.

Socket swivels

These act in similar ways to the extension bars, only that they provide bend and flexibility, making it easier to reach those hidden bolts and nuts.


The jack is used for raising vehicles. Jacks also come in different forms. There are the small ones that can be used on small cars and are portable, while there are the commercial ones that are bigger, handling heavier machinery.

They are important when you would like to work under the car, or if you want to change tires. In some vehicles, in order to repair things like brakes, you would have to go underneath the vehicle.

Jack stands

Jack stands are very important, and especially for the smaller jacks that are portable. They provide better support for the vehicle.


There are many more tools that are needed to work on cars. As the years tick by, there are changes in technology and we will probably find ourselves needing even more tools.