Doing small household repairs or fixing the car by yourself can save you a lot of money. And of course you get the right to brag about it in front of your friends! (Yea, I fixed my car over the weekend!) However let’s admit that it wouldn’t be possible without the right set of tools.

If you take a look at a professional mechanic’s tool set then you will find a treasure house of various tools accumulated over the years. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a beginner, here is a list of must-have mechanic tools you must have in your kit! Let’s take a look at them.


Wrenches may seem like an obvious choice but most people do not understand the need to invest in high quality wrenches. Using good quality branded wrenches will not only make your task easier but also save you a lot of time. If you have to choose between metric or standard (US) sizes, I would suggest that you pick metric size.


There are basically three sizes of ratchets that you must have in your tool box. The sizes are ¼” (small), ⅜” (medium), and ½” (large). Each of these sizes is extensively used for various projects. You will find the set of 3 ratchets in almost all starter tool sets.


The sockets are also must-have auto mechanic tools, and they come in 3 common sizes –shallow, short, and long. Each size has its own importance when it comes to making common repairs. If you have to pick between metric or standard (US) sizes, again choose metric as in case of wrenches.


As a beginner, you may do away with the Flat and Phillips head screwdrivers. However, as you gain experience and start doing complex repair work, you will need screwdrivers in an assortment of lengths and gauges. Some of the common types of screwdrivers you must have in your tool box are:

  • Stubbed screwdrivers for tight spaces
  • Normal length screwdrivers for screwdriver purposes
  • Long and skinny screwdrivers to give you that extended reach
  • Heavy duty flathead screwdriver that can be hit using a hammer
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Torx screwdrivers with a star head


Pliers are essential tools a mechanic needs to change hoses, perform brake repair, and work with tough connectors. Most of the auto or non-auto jobs require the following types of connectors:

  • Regular set of pliers are for general purposes
  • Pliers with Vise grips are required for coolant hoses and fixing clamps
  • Long and short needle nose are helpful in different types of repair work


A tool box is incomplete if it does not have a hammer. It’s really difficult to define the job of a hammer because it comes handy in almost all types of jobs. Whether you need to knock out any stuck component or strike on a nail head, all you need is a good whack using a strong hammer and your job is done!

Breaker Bar and Pry Bar

As a beginner mechanic, it might be difficult for you to invest in power tools. To make your life easy with getting the hard to loosen bolts, you need a good quality Breaker Bar.

Pry bars are used for gently separating components that have been stuck together for a long time.  They come in assorted sizes.

LED Flashlight or Headlamp

Light is important when you are taking a closer look at a problem to find a solution for it. Even during broad daylight you might need some LED Flashlight or Headlamp to pull out the right bolts from a machine. The headlamps work great at night and for situations when you want both lights and your hands free. It is perfect when you have to make repairs underneath a vehicle.


If you are looking for a multimeter in the market then you will find many options from cheap to the expensive ones. We suggest that you invest in a good quality multimeter because most of the inexpensive ones do not have the ability to read amperage (A). So, ensure that you buy a multimeter that can read amps.


If you have to get underneath a vehicle to make repairs or take the wheels off then you need an automotive jack. You must always remember to use a jack-stand while using a jack, in order to support the vehicle.

Now that you know the basic tools you need for your starter kit, take a look at the various beginner’s set offered by different brands and choose the one that suits you. If you are ordering online, don’t forget to read customer reviews to make an informed buying decision.