If you’re a mechanic you know air tools help you repair cars with ease. Their efficiency means most of you rely on these rather than hand tools. The tools do the hard work while you only need to hold them in place and control the speed.


If you want simplicity in your life then this is the right place to start. Below is a list of five Craftsman air tools you’ll benefit from. The high performance of each Craftsman tool ensures you complete jobs in a short amount of time.

Top 5 Best Craftsman Air Tools Reviewed





Craftsman 10 pc. Air Tool Set


4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)
Craftsman 14pc. Mechanics Air Tool Kit 16854


4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Craftsman Programmable Digital Tire Gauge (with bright LED display. batteries included)


4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)


4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)
Craftsman 9-19981 3/8-Inch Pistol Grip Impact Wrench


4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)


Craftsman 10 Piece Air Tool Set

Consumer Ratings 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

This black pneumatic ratchet wrench delivers the speed and consistency you need to quickly complete tasks.


The air tool set delivers 1300 impacts per minute. This impressive speed is the driving force you need to complete projects timorously.


The performance is consistent whether the tool is used for general construction or vehicle repairs.


When your projects are more complicated or challenging you’ll experience the same level of performance. The tool won’t lose power even in tough circumstances. You’ll complete the toughest of jobs almost in the same time you would finish simple ones.


Technical Specifications

  • RPM: 7000
  • Maximum Torque: 230 ft. lb.
  • Average air consumption: 4.4 CFM
  • Drive size: 1/2 ‘’


The Kit

The set includes the following accessories:

  • 1/2’’ impact wrench
  • 3/8’’ ratchet wrench
  • 3/8’’air hammer
  • 25ft air hose
  • 5 bit ends
  • One tape


The ratchet wrench has a front end exhaust. This directs the steam caused by the tool away from your face.


The tools’ housing material is alloy steel to provide the durability and longevity you need for construction & vehicle projects.


The set is portable and the tools & other accessories have their own compartments in the hard shell casing. This casing protects them from impact or rain and dust which can cause rust.



  • Ideal for occasional home work
  • Different fittings make it easier to have a firm grip on bolts and nuts
  • The bits withstand any tough pressure proving they’re durable
  • User friendly and easy to set up



  • The tool might work in reverse and not forward as it’s supposed to
  • The power tool isn’t practical to remove a car’s lug nuts
  • Can’t use it on all car parts as advertised
  • Less powerful than stipulated especially for removing bolts


What Consumer Say about the Craftsman 10pc Mechanic Air Tool Set

  • It’s a nice set of air tools for medium work load. tools well made and come in orderly case. I would recommend this to all my friends. I have never had a bad Craftsman tool.
  • Nice tool set for the price.. Perfect tools set for the occasional “back yard” mechanic.
  • Nice! Love the fact it came with a quality 25 ft air hose with all the fittings. Excellent buy!
  • Nice set of tools for the money. Perfect for the occasional DIY-er and weekend mechanic. The only thing I didn’t like was I need to remove the air inlets from the tools in order to put them back into the case for storage…a small oversight on somebody’s part…
  • Craftsman makes great tools. As someone who works on cars professionally it’s a nice set to have.


Craftsman 14 piece Mechanics Air Tool Kit

Consumer Ratings 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

This air tool set is perfect for professionals or skilled handymen who want to complete tasks with precision and efficiency.


The unique aspect of the tools is the individual technical properties built onto each. Instead of one generic torque power the tools each have their own. The individual torque settings mean you’ll find a tool that matches a specific project’s requirements.


Tools Specifications

This breakdown shows how each tool is designed to deliver the performance and durability you seek in air tools:

  • One 1/2’’ impact wrench:
  • RPM Free speed: 160
  • Torque: 45 ft. lb
  • Aluminum housing
  • Ergonomic grip handle helps reduce fatigue when using the tool
  • Air away from your face because of the front air exhaust
  • Forward and reverse mechanism
  • Protective rubber head cover


  • One 6’’ Dual Action Sander
  • Free Speed RPM: 10 000
  • 3/16’’ orbital stroke eliminates swirls
  • Air regulator built-in
  • Double injection grip and housing
  • Front end exhaust directs air away
  • 6’’ flexible pad


  • One Single Shot Grease Gun
  • 40:1 output ratio
  • 2 400 to 6 000 lb of output pressure
  • New balanced head designed
  • Tool can be loaded in three ways: bulk filled, 14oz cartridge, or canister filled


  • One 1/4 in. Right Angle Die Grinder
  • Free Speed RPM: 20 000
  • 5:4 gear ratio for added force
  • Spiral gears for increased strength
  • 360° rear exhaust with silencing technology
  • Accidental start-ups are prevented due to the ergonomic safety lock
  • Precision three piece collet


Other accessories you find in the kit include:

  • One 25ft air hose
  • Five male couples
  • One quick connector coupler
  • One roll of non stick tape


All tools and accessories are stored neatly in a carry case to protect them from damage.



  • Ideal kits for mechanics
  • Delivers the air pressure and torque you need for efficiency
  • The tools won’t wobble or bend when you use them
  • Practical for completing tough home repairs



  • The impact gun has difficulty in removing a car’s lug nut
  • The grease gun is not useful for construction work
  • The set doesn’t have certain tools most professionals need such as an air hammer
  • Not suitable for tougher construction jobs


What Consumers Say about the Craftsman 14pc Mechanics Air Tool Kit 16854

  • I’m very happy with my kit and am restoring 3 antique trucks with my kit it’s making things a lot easier.
  • This kit has everything I need for a weekend DIY’er performance modifying junkie.
  • I bought this kit for my teenage son who wanted to work on his car and he has said that he helped him many time complete repairs faster.
  • This air tool set from Craftsman is built decently and perfect for do it your-selfers working at home.
  • I’ve been using Craftsman tools for decades and they always make me happy!


Craftsman Programmable Digital Tire Gauge

Consumer Ratings 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

There is no doubt that your tires must be properly inflated at the right pressure. This helps you avoid a hazard such as a tire puncture.


Properly inflated tires lead to other benefits such as:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Safer driving
  • Longer durability


This Craftsman digital tire gauge makes it convenient and effortless to regularly check your tires’ air pressure. This item is user friendly for anyone and works on any vehicle.


These instructions indicate how user friendly this digital tire gauge is:

  • You insert the straight push nozzle in the tire’s air duct
  • Once firmly inserted the air bleed function measures the exact pressure


The beep indicator function informs you the measuring is complete and you can remove the gauge. No other gimmicks are needed to ensure an accurate reading.


The design features ensure the gauge can be used at any time:

  • The screen and the numbers displayed are extra large. This helps you read the measurements accurately. The bright backlight on the screen makes it easier to use the digital gauge at night.
  • The gauge converts into an LED flashlight to properly guide you to the air pressure duct. You can use the LED flashlight for other purposes such as looking for items in your car at night if your car’s light is broken.


Two vehicles can link to the gauge and it reads an accurate measurement for each.


The operating pressure range is 5-99 PSI.


The gauge has a metal construction for durability and longevity.



  • Measures the tire pressure quickly
  • Lightweight and compact to move around, carry or store in the car
  • If you’ve over-inflated your tires the air bleed feature will release some air until the ideal tire pressure is reached
  • Can use it on a range of vehicles such as cars, trucks and RVs



  • Air can leak out from the nozzle during measurement reading
  • The measurements are sometimes inaccurate
  • The battery quickly drains
  • It breaks quite soon even though it’s marketed as durable


What Consumers Say about the Craftsman Digital Tire Gauge

  • Excellent product. Immediately tested it on my tires and worked without problems. I even ran into a couple at the gas station who were also checking their tire pressure, and helped them with this. They were very impressed and asked me where I bought the gauge. The bleed button (a trigger-like button on the back side) conveniently allows you to bleed air out after pumping the tires over. There’s a flashlight in case you need to do it in the dark. Easy to use and not much configuration needed to get started. I don’t know how accurate it is, but for a common usage like inflating tires to keep gas mileage up, it gets the job done.
  • As someone who works on cars a lot (few days a week) I was skeptical because its craftsman and their quality seems to have slipped in some areas but this is a great tool. It’s sturdy and easy to read and only has a few buttons to make it simple to use. Letting air out with it is incredibly easy too. Its just a trigger on the bottom. I would definitely recommend for someone who wants a quality digital reader.
  • This thing is nice and easy to use. I set the tire pressure number in unit and then put more than that amount of air in the tires. With the bleeder button, I just push it until it beeps and I release the button, leaving the air pressure at the exact psi that I want to set it at. Easy to use and is of very good quality.
  • Have found this very easy to use and almost self explanatory. It fits the valve easier than it looks and so far seems to give very accurate readings. One of the main reasons for buying is that you can release air on an over full tire and it does this well.
  • This is the tire gauge my husband loved. It was a gift and I got this because I couldn’t find a Nissan tire gauge. He really did have two tire gauges on his Christmas list, one for the Cooper and one for his Juke and very little else.


Craftsman 3/8″ Heavy Duty Ratchet Wrench

Consumer Ratings 4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

Stubborn bolts are very difficult to remove by hand therefore you need a tool to help you. The tool practically does the hard labor while you only guide it.


This pneumatic ratchet wrench helps you grip onto and remove bolts in hard to reach places. You don’t need to turn the handle for torque. The powered head rotates at the speed and power needed to remove any bolts.


The handle of this pneumatic tool has an ergonomic design. This makes it comfortable for you to have a proper grip without causing fatigue in your hands. You can hold and operate the tool for long hours without even developing calluses.


Technical specifications

  • RPM: 180
  • CFM: 4
  • Maximum Torque: 50 ft. lb.
  • Drive size: 3/8’’


Other design features that ensure a highly efficient tool include:

  • Reversibility function
  • Built in air regulator
  • Swivel air inlet
  • There is a variable trigger speed
  • Made of black chrome materials for extra durability


A unique feature most will enjoy is the silencing technology embedded into the air tool. This feature keeps the operation quiet. This is helpful when you must be close to the tool to guide it properly.  This won’t cause harm to your hearing as other pneumatic tools do.



  • User friendly
  • You can adjust the air flow on the grip
  • You can turn the exhaust to direct the air away from you
  • You can turn the reverse feature on or off while the tool is in use


  • Has difficulty in removing rusted bolts
  • No safety lock feature
  • The ratchet wrench may leak air
  • The torque power isn’t as powerful as you may require on most jobs


What Consumers Say about the Craftsman 3/8″ Air Ratchet

  • Gave this to my step-dad for Christmas! He said it was a great gift!
  • This air ratchet works well, I’ve had it for 2 years now with no issues!
  • It works great as advertised.
  • I bought this to replace my last craftsman ratchet that I had for 32 years and it was my fault that it broke.
  • This air ratchet is no professional grade air tool, but it’ll work great for years with light use for any DIY’er!


Craftsman 9-19981 3/8-Inch Pistol Grip Impact Wrench

Consumer Ratings 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

This professional grade quality impact wrench is what you need to keep at home, workshop or to travel with you to job sites. It’s practical to assemble and disassemble projects because it loosens & tightens bolts in no time.


This impact wrench features silencing technology for more quiet construction experiences.


This impact wrench delivers a powerful performance every time you use it. The mechanical aspects were designed to help you handle projects efficiently.


Technical Specifications

  • RPM:
  • Torque: 20 to 150 ft. lb.
  • Maximum torque: lb.
  • Drive Size: 3/8’’.
  • Average air consumption:5 CFM
  • SCFM: 90 PSI
  • IMP: 110


Other design features contributing to the overall performance include:

  • Forward and reverse power management system
  • Variable trigger speed
  • Ergonomic pistol grip helps reduce strain placed on your hand
  • Smooth and powerful oil bath Dynapact hammer unit
  • Black chrome finish for a reliable strong item


This lightweight tool makes it easier for you to hold for long periods without your hand getting tired. Although the item is lightweight it’s stable while in operation. This gives the precision you need when working with bolts and nuts.



  • Very comfortable to hold for long periods
  • Practical to use by beginners
  • You can adjust bolts easily
  • The reverse functionality is completely functional no matter the speed



  • Doesn’t remove rusted bolts easily
  • Not powerful enough to remove stubborn bolts
  • Not long lasting
  • Some components can break


What Consumer Say about the Craftsman 9-19981 3/8″ Impact

  • Fine for smaller projects, would not remove rusted exhaust bolts, Had to use a bigger gun which worked without problems. Good for zipping off stuff not too tight. But it was cheap, and craftsman have been reliable in my garage so far.
  • Read the features n you’ll know why the people that said it wouldn’t work cuz they are trying to use the wrong tool for the job. Gotta be smarter than the tool your using people.
  • Great little tool for speeding up a lot of jobs. Not too powerful (it will take off some lug nuts, but most are too tight for it), but it will fit places where a 1/2″ impact won’t, and on the low power setting, you can use it to reassemble parts without fear or stripping threads.
  • This air impact works well for my 2-3x monthly home garage uses.
  • It’s a great value over cheaper options.


What Do the Technical Specifications Mean?


You’ve clearly seen that the air tools have different technical specifications. You may compare them by the numbers associated with these specifications. If you see a tool has a higher specification than others do it possibly means it’s more powerful.


It’s important you learn the proper meaning of each specification:

  • RPM: Rate per minute. This is the measure of the number of rotations the tool performs in a minute. If a tool’s RPM is 900 then it means the head is rotating 900 times a minute.
  • CFM: Cubic feet per minute. This is a measure of the air flow rate pushed out by the compressor. This directly relates to the suitability of the compressor for the use. A tool that requires a long operation needs a higher CFM such as these reviewed pneumatic tools. Tools that need only a short burst of air requires lower CFM such as a nail gun.
  • SCFM: Standard cubic feet per minute. This implies the standard conditions the compressor needs to push out air.
  • PSI: Per square inch. This is the English unit of measure for pressure. It measures how much force is in a certain area. Force and area have an inverse relationship. If force increases the pressure increases. If the area increases the pressure decreases.


Mechanics or handymen can benefit immensely from these tools. When tools deliver high performance power, time reduction & durability they help to successfully handle work projects.



These Craftsman air tools are designed to help these professionals or anyone with a DIY project. Begin your journey to more successful DIY work by investing in one of these. You’ll be thrilled when you see how much you can accomplish in a short time.