Craftsman tools are American made and they have created a name for themselves with consistent quality and customer service. They manufacture automotive tools, hand tools, power tools and other workshop setups.

Whether you are a professional or novice, the Craftsman Evolv 101 piece mechanics tool set will come handy for any repair work around the house or workshop. The compact box has almost everything you could possibly need for your DIY projects.

This all-in-one kit ensures that you don’t have to keep searching for the right tools to get the job done. As a professional mechanic or someone who has a passion for tools, Craftsman tool kit acts like a life saver, especially in difficult circumstances such as a road hazard.

Evolv mechanic tools set includes Socket Set, drive socket set, Square drive to hex bit adapter, Spinner handler, Drive deep socket set , Drive extension bar, Teardrop QR ratchet, Screwdriving bits and holders. It does not include any bigger size sockets.

Craftsman Evolv set is light weight, weighing only 11.02 lbs and it comes with a useful carry case for easy storage and accessibility. You can keep this tool kit in your workshop or in your car or truck to ensure that you have it handy in case your car breaks down in the middle of the road.

The heavy-duty construction of the Craftsman kit ensures enhanced durability of the tools. It provides resistance from any signs of wear on the tools. Each tool features an ergonomic design and they come with easy to use and good-grip handles for comfort and convenience.

Every tool manufactured by Craftsman is backed by lifetime guarantee, so you can be rest assured about the tools lasting really long.


  • This is a all-in-one kit that contains the common mechanic tools
  • The tools feature ergonomic design and easy-grip handles
  • The carrying case is easy to use and store
  • The tool kit weighs only 11.02 lbs so you can easily store it in a car, truck or boat
  • The tools come backed by Craftsman’s lifetime guarantee


Whether you are a novice or a professional mechanic, you will find this tool set useful for DIY projects or to make repairs around the house.

The feature rich tools come with a shiny surface which gives them a pleasant appearance. Each tool by Craftsman is sturdy and reliable so you do not have to worry about any breakage.

This is a good emergency kit that you can keep in your car or truck to use for those road hazards or emergency situations. They work perfect to make small repair work in your vehicle.

The lightweight of the tool set makes it easy to carry it around the house, garage or workshop. The grip handles ensure that you get a comfortable grip on the tools when using them and they don’t slip out of your hands.

The tools are good to go for minor engine rebuilds or a full service. So, if you are a professional auto mechanic, this kit will add value to your collection.

Craftsman tools come with full lifetime warranty which means that the company promises to exchange your tools if they break or get damaged. We were happy with the lifetime warranty as it made the tool set more reliable.


The tool set does not contain big sockets, so if you looking for a comprehensive kit then this might not be a good choice.

It works well as an emergency set but you would need to upgrade to an advanced tool set for complex projects.

Some customers who bought this product felt that the price was slightly on the expensive side, however several others got them on sale for a good deal! So, you may have to wait for a discount sale to get this set at a cheaper rate.


The Craftsman tools are undoubtedly some of the most reliable and sturdy mechanic tools around, and they perform up to expectations. The quality of tools is unquestionable and even if you accidently break any of them, they are covered by Craftsman’s lifetime warranty.

So, if you have been looking for a quality tool set to add to your collection or an emergency kit you can keep in your truck just in case you need one in the middle of the road, this makes a good choice.

However, it should be remembered that this is not an all-inclusive set on its own. It can be a good emergency kit for minor fixes and repairs, but you cannot completely rely on this one for your projects.

You will need your other tools along with this one for complete repair work. So, anybody looking for a small handy kit at a reasonable price can opt for this Craftsman set. It makes a good gift for someone who has passion for tools!